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Our membership network is diverse and includes a mix of New Zealand’s largest exporters through to smaller family based operations as well as the New Zealand organic certifiers and regulators. The core role of the Organic Exporters is to link members together to share knowledge and resources and make progress on the common issues as we strive to deliver the vision of a vibrant and growing organic export sector.

Applications for Organic Exporters membership are open to all organisations - including those not currently exporting, but which are interested in promoting the opportunities for New Zealand organic products.

Organic market opportunities continue to grow strongly but so does the complexity. The collective support and information sharing offered by the Organic Exporters network is increasingly important to navigate this environment as we strive to grow our organic exports.

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China & New Zealand Sign Organic Mutual Recognition Deal. 

New Zealand became the first country to sign a Mutual Recognition Arrangement for organic product certification with China. This means organic products with a New Zealand certification are now automatically certified in China - and vice versa. Once the agreement has been ratified - potentially by the middle of 2017 - the organic sector will no longer have to go through the expensive process of bringing Chinese certifiers to New Zealand every three months in order to be able to sell their food in China. 


The deal, signed in Beijing on November 14, follows three years of low-key negotiations and a year of intense cooperation involving the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), organic producers, and certifiers in both countries. The arrangement covers the export and import of organic foods and ingredients, with the exception of apiculture (beekeeping), aquaculture (fish, seafood and aquatic plants), and textiles.

 2017 BioFach India

9-11 November India Expo Mart (IEML).  Greater Noida, U.P, Dehli - NCR, India

In a world first this BioFach is in combination with 2017 IFOAM Congress.



We are happy to recommend the ninth edition of ‘BioFach India 2017’ – International Organic Trade Fair, being held at New Delhi from November 9 - 11, 2017.


BIOFACH INDIA is one of the SIX International Organic Trade Shows of Nuernberg Messe of Germany.  INDIA has a well established TRACENET system which makes it a trustworthy Organic Sourcing Hub having a variety of Organic produces. India offers a wide and diverse range of products from cereals, millets, oilseeds, pulses to spices, coffee, tea, honey, saffron, cotton etc., blessed with climates ranging from Himalayas in the North to the deserts in North west, pristine areas in northeast and the long coastal belts. This year the show combines with the IFOAM conference for the first time so attendees can complete two major international events in the one location at the same time.



Further, based on your interest we can also organize your visits to specific Organic projects. As an extended itinerary, to make your visit memorable, we also offer one day sightseeing in Delhi and a day trip to Taj Mahal, Agra one of the seven wonders, which is approx 225 kms from Delhi.