Hexagon Mead


Business Type: Organic Mead

Phone: 027 673 9878

Website: hexagonmead.com

Key Contact Name: Nick Parkinson

Key Contact Email: hexagonmead@gmail.com

Business Description:
One of the oldest beverages in the world is mead. Traditional, oak barrel fermentation and ageing is used to draw out the floral essences of the honey and provide richness and depth.

Here at Mountainhoney Kaikoura we specialise in pure New Zealand High Country honey which we have been producing for more than 50 years. We are involved in the full process of beekeeping, honey harvesting and mead production resulting in a drink of delicious mellow sweetness.
An old hexagon hut located on our family property provides the inspiration for the carefully crafted mead we bring to you.

Mead is a drink of reflection and contemplation; a quiet appreciation of patience and of the industry of the wonderful bee.