Pāmu - Farms of New Zealand


Business Type: Organic Primary Exporter

Phone: 021 933-229

Website: pamu.co.nz

Key Contact Name: Andrew Graham

Key Contact Email: andrew.graham@pamu.co.nz

Business Description:
At Pāmu, we’ve spent 130 years getting to know nature.

We are Kaitiaki – guardians – of nature. The care and respect of nature’s lands, animals and people comes first in everything we do.

As creators of the finest natural food since 1886, we are transforming the way food is produced, naturally, with passion, curiosity and innovative fresh thinking.

Natural means that our animals thrive on a grass-fed diet and are free roaming.

We never feed imported ingredients like palm kernel expeller (PKE) synthetic or artificial feed, GMO or antibiotics.

Natural means there is no need for artificial flavours or additives to our products – we produce them just as nature intended, with the least amount of processing possible.

Our fortified products give a naturally nutritious boost to your diet, and are packed with natural goodness derived from nature, like DHA from algae and lutein from marigolds.

Naturally grown, naturally nutritious, and naturally delicious.