GVI Logistics


Business Type: Helping Organic Exporters With All Their Logistic Needs

Phone: 021918388

Website: www.gvi.co.nz

Key Contact Name: Soren Gamst

Key Contact Email: soren.gamst@gvi.co.nz

Business Description:
We are here to help all organic exporting businesses get there products to the country of destination. Please give me a call to discuss your needs. We take care of the paperwork and let you focus on sales.

We provide excellence in importing and exporting with a reputation for professionalism and innovation well known throughout the freighting industry.

. During the years GVI Logistics has created valuable, long-lasting relationships with various airlines, shipping lines and transport companies involved in the forwarding industry.

GVI Logistics has a large number of international business partners that ensure clients can either import or export their perishable or non-perishable products to or from any part of the world in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner.

With large chiller and freezer space in both Christchurch and Auckland the company is well suited to handle large quantities of perishable products. GVI Logistics provides expertise in handling high-value, perishable products with urgent deadlines.

GVI Logistics continues to invest in advanced technology and computerised systems aimed at improving communications, customs clearance, documentation, consignment tracking and tracing to enable the client to follow the product throughout its journey.