Heather's Feijoa


Business Type: Organic Feijoas

Phone: 02 23 903089

Website: http://www.heathersfeijoas.com/

Key Contact Name: Kavya Vunnam

Key Contact Email: kavyavunnam03@gmail.com

Business Description:
Heather's feijoa products are 100% New Zealand fruit, gluten free, GMO free and full of delicious flavour and nutrition. The founder Heather says, "I love feijoas so much I have planted nearly two thousand trees. All of my own trees are certified organic."

The orchards are great for carbon sequestration and enhancing bird habitat. The birds feast on the petals of the flowers while pollinating so we take special care to promote healthy bird life. Biodiversity is really important to a healthy planet and so a top priority at Heather's Feijoas.